3-point hitch on kubota tractor

How to Adjust a 3-Point Hitch on a Tractor

Your tractor’s 3-point hitch is one of the most important parts of your tractor. It’s where you attach all different types of equipment, such as a brush hog, spreader, box blade, and much more.

To unlock the full capabilities of your tractor, you’ll need to know how to properly use and adjust your 3-point hitch. This article will show you how to attach implements to your tractor using a 3-point hitch and how to adjust your hitch properly.

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How do you adjust a 3-point hitch on a tractor?

Adjusting your 3-point hitch is necessary any time you swap implements. The main two parts you’ll need to adjust on the 3-point hitch are the top link and stabilizers.

3-Point Hitch Top Link Adjustment

The top link controls the angle at which your implement sits relative to the ground. The shaft of the top link can be twisted to change its length. Watch this video to learn more about the function that the top link serves and how to adjust it properly:

3-Point Hitch Stabilizers Adjustment

You’ll also need to adjust the stabilizers of your 3-point hitch. These stabilizers can be found next to each lift arm. They prevent the implement from swaying excessively during use. Check out this video to learn how to adjust two different types of stabilizers:

Whenever you switch to another implement, you’ll need to properly adjust the 3-point hitch to accommodate it. Although it may take some trial and error at first, you’ll eventually learn the proper adjustments that need to be made to your hitch depending on the implement you’re using.

What is a tractor implement?

A tractor implement is a piece of machinery that is attached to a tractor to perform a specific function. Tractor implements include both powered and unpowered attachments. Implements are typically mounted on the front or rear of the tractor using various means, such as a drawbar (rear), 3-point hitch (rear), or loading arms (front).

Tractor implements are commonly used in farming but also have other applications, such as snow blowing, grading and leveling, digging and more.

How do you attach tractor implements to a 3-point hitch?

The most popular way to attach an implement to a tractor is using a 3-point hitch. A 3-point hitch consists of two lift arms, stabilizers, and a top link. The implement must be attached to the lift arms and top link to be properly attached and secured.

Watch this short video explaining how to attach an implement to a 3-point hitch:

Video Summary

  1. Align the end of the lift arms with the implement pins.
  2. Connect and secure the lift arms and top link to the implement.
  3. Adjust the stabilizers, lift arm angle, and top link length.
  4. Connect PTO shaft (if necessary).

Attaching a tractor implement to a 3-point hitch is pretty straightforward once you’ve memorized the steps.

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